Look at our little family! Don’t we look so functional? My psych says we are getting there.

We’re artists (leatherworker and writer) living a crunchy-granola¬†lifestyle in our 1970’s ranch house with lead paint, original carpeting, and a side of asbestos. Just being honest in case you were thinking of sending your kids over.

Most days you can find me with my toes in the lake and my kids splashing idyllically on the shore. I’m probably sipping a latte spiced with love and gratitude and I’m also probably sleeping because this sounds nothing like my life.

I hope you’ll stop by often and say hello.¬†I like chocolate and sarcasm and I think I’ll like you.


One thought on “About Bekah

  1. I love love love love this!! Just spent the last hour getting up to speed on your blog, do you know how easy you are to read? I feel like we just had coffee together.

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