“Hell hath no fury like a woman bent on becoming minimalist.”

If hoarding is a disease, I’m pretty sure I’ve developed the opposite one.

Is there a name for throwing out everything you own? Oh, wait… I think it’s called “minimalism”.

So much more socially acceptable… and yet so much more disturbing.

I’ve always been a bit compulsive about organization. When we were younger my brother claimed if I vacuumed my room one more time there wouldn’t be any carpet left. I’m not sure what the crazy fixation is, but lately it’s gotten worse.

I think it’s our micro-apartment containing three humans and one 99 lb. dog. If we don’t get a yard soon there are going to be exactly three plates, five forks, and three spoons left in our apartment. Also one Tiny Human and a dog. That’s it. Because my man will be out scavenging for furniture… or possibly a toilet to sit on.

So what’s the least you can live with? Would you want to live that way?

Image courtesy of Hoover(r).


One thought on “So You Wanna Be A Minimalist?

  1. I could live without more than half I own, but my problem is I need to stop at the onset of purchasing. Its those small changes that can make a difference for me. It is so tempting to want that kitchen tool for convenience when I know I could accomplish the task with the sharp knife I already own. I think my husband is the best at consuming what he owns and when he is ready to replace it or buy something, he waits a minimum of a week before he sets out to buy it. By then he has researched it and knows exactly where to get the best deal. For me, shopping and spending is more fun, especially for others. These days though it is too easy to spend when you don’t need to. In high school I had to earn layaway money to pay for school clothes. Some parents today indulge children which sets an appetite early in life for unecessary things for which become disposables. Waste.

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