Image courtesy of Fotolia
Courtesy of Fotolia

I began to hear whispers on Friday morning at camp. The boys had created the infallible Top Ten Hottest Girls List. I knew in my heart of hearts that I wouldn’t be at the top of that list…

But I wasn’t prepared that I wouldn’t be on it at all.

Y’all. There were eleven girls at camp. I didn’t make the list.

I don’t tell you this story to make you feel sorry for me. Oh trust me, I’m not hurting over here, now married to my hot swedish man… who clearly put me at the top of the list when we met a few years later.

I’m telling you this because I know what it’s like to be an ugly duckling. And I want you to know… it doesn’t have to last forever.

In fact, you can start making changes today. 

And I can help.

So stay tuned for my new series on fashion and How to Get on the Top 10 Hottest Girls List.

Or something like that.

Or maybe just how to love and accept yourself a little more… because… and this is a hint of things to come: confidence speaks louder than words.


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