Monday’s Muse: So I’m High-Maintenance.

MP900404922“I hope American men appreciate the fact that we women shave upwards of 60% of our bodies in order to be socially acceptable.”

I posted the above on Facebook recently, and was told by several people that I am (and I quote) “an overachiever”.

I would gladly concede, except, no one wants to see what would happen if I stopped any part of my daily grooming routine.

Some people don’t have to try to be socially acceptable. They were born that way.

For instance, as I was curling my hair (an hour long procedure) in front of the mirror recently, my husband said, “Oh. When I want my hair to look like that, I just stick it under the faucet.”

Okay, Mr. Elijah Wood–not everyone was born with naturally thick, curly hair.

Upkeep as a plain brunette woman can be exhausting. There are manicures, tweezers, pedicures, volumizing, taming, plucking, coloring, and of course… red heels.

So yes, friends, while I would love to forgo shaving every day, I’d also like to do other things… like become a medical doctor. Overnight.

Some things are just impossible. That’s why God invented the razor.


2 thoughts on “Monday’s Muse: So I’m High-Maintenance.

  1. We are all high maintenance in one way or another. Everyone of us has our issues or or “red shoes”…. they might look like a certain type of jeans or a certain car. We are all a paradox…. simple/ the same/ but complex / and unique. Thank God for all of us.

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