The Hoarder

boxes_bingWe moved two weeks ago and my house still looks like Hoarders filmed an episode here. Or two. Or three.

Every time I think about adding a Christmas tree to the chaos I want to cry.

“Don’t worry,” I told Ethan the first day we unloaded the truck. “Give me three days max and everything will be settled.”

The only thing that’s settled is the dirt.

I failed to equate one thing into this fourth move of our marriage (in six years): this time there is a toddler.

Unpacking is the greatest game ever to a two-year-old. The moment I unload a box, she repacks it. With most of the items I just unpacked.

Maybe I’ve been playing the wrong angle for the past two weeks. Maybe I should be grateful for the help. Maybe I should just hand her a roll of wrapping paper and tell our friends and family these gifts are from the baby. (Who can turn away a gift from a child?)

Yeah, this may be the fastest way to unpack. And the best way to keep the Hoarders documentary crew out of my house…


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