My Husband IS my Soul Mate

There’s a popular post circulating on social media titled, My husband is not my soul mate. I was never one of the girls the author mentions:


  • I never kept a tear-stained notebook for my future husband (cue The Importance of Being Earnest music here)
  • I never Kissed Dating Goodbye (although due to my scrawny body I never really kissed it hello)
  • I definitely never fantasized about marrying a youth pastor, because youth ministry was the last thing I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing (now I travel, write books for, and speak to teens nationally with Zondervan… heh, can you say heart change?).

Despite coming out of the 90’s purity culture almost unscathed, reading the soul mate post made me want to revisit the age-old debate we ALL argued about as teens: Is there really one ideal person out there for me?

This is not a new debate. We see it in Greek mythology, where Zeus divides the combined-gender individuals into two beings, creating a lifelong craving for the other half. But can that craving be fulfilled by just ONE other person–one soul mate–or can there be multiple compatible potential soul mates?

Here’s my opinion–and that’s all it is:

Ethan is my best. I honestly believe that my sovereign God, the one who made heaven and earth–cares very much about the person with whom I spend my life (Proverbs 16:9). I believe He chose Ethan for me. I believe I could have walked away from His best and found a compatible partner, but here we are.

And every day I am grateful. This man supports my dreams (as ironic as they may be) and I support his dreams. On days when those dreams are less than kind, we shelter each other. He is the one to whom I want to come home.

And on this, the weekend of our sixth anniversary, I’m grateful that I am married to my soul mate.


3 thoughts on “My Husband IS my Soul Mate

  1. Loved this! *giggles* I kissed dating good-bye and then kissed it hello again. 😉 I also kept a tear stained check list for the custom made husband. I still have it somewhere and still waiting for the Manufacturer to finish production. In the meantime, my 30’s are passing quickly. As I am getting older, I begin to wonder if it is in God’s plans for me to marry. IMHO, I think God knows who is best suited to us for His plans for our lives based on the Scripture you noted and also based on Jer. 29:11. His plans for us are good whether we marry or not. Thank you for this post! Blessings to you! 🙂

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