“Reality” TV: The Preachers’ Daughters

TV Remote ControlI’d like to take a moment to personally thank Lifetime TV for creating a show that met my highest expectations… which were… nothing.
And yet I keep watching.
I don’t know if any of you have tuned into the most recent “reality TV” show, The Preachers’ Daughters, in which three girls from three different pastors’ families spend their time making out, sleeping with, and basically playing any boy who breathes. (Can you tell I’m a little fired up?)
The exception is a character named Kolby, who seems very sweet and innocent, but is clearly put on the show to demonstrate the other stereotype: preachers’ kids have never learned to think for themselves, and therefore will make decisions on impulse.
As a former pastors’ kid (or do you ever outgrow that title?), I’d like to say that we’re not all troubled, attention-starved, media-seeking yahoos.
Wait… don’t I have a blog? And a newspaper column? And a book?
I might need to rethink this whole stereotype thing…
But I really should do it publicly, so everyone knows what I’m thinking…

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