Mama’s Unstable

I threatened for six months, but no one believed me.

They just gave me that look–the one that says, She’s Unstable Again, But We All Know She’ll Balance Out Before She Does Something Dangerous.


Then Dangerous just kind of happened. In the form of a 60 lb. yellow labrador retriever.

I dared to bring this giant puppy to live with a dog-hater… namely, me. (Hey, the toddler needed a friend, and a sibling is just not in the works.)

 I do impulsive things when I’m stressed. 

With the book about to release, and a baby who is completely redecorating my house (it only takes ONE red crayon, folks), I thought, Why Not? Why not do one more thing to send me closer to the edge?

 Here’s the part where I tell you how I really snapped when he came home, and how he drives me crazy, and how he chews on everything, and how I’m offering him to the next decent person who will give him a good home. But that’s all fiction.

Non-fiction? I got lucky. He is the only puppy in the world who doesn’t chew on furniture, comes when called, goes to bed when commanded, and sleeps at my feet when I need my space.

 Now if I could just get the dog to train the toddler, I might not be so unstable after all…


Bekah Hamrick Martin is a writer who can be reached, unless she’s on her knees begging God for you to buy a copy of her book, The Bare Naked Truth (Zondervan, 2013).


4 thoughts on “Mama’s Unstable

  1. Thanks, Mr. Steve! Carrie, since I wrote this he chewed up one of my favorite chairs. So if you’re still in the market… 😉

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