What We Can Learn from Tierra

ImageFirst off, I feel like I should apologize to my mother for the fact that I… and I hesitate to say this… I watch The Bachelor.

(Because as you’ll learn in my book about dating & waiting, Mama raised me in the Proper South not make out  in the hot tub with just anybody.)

But guys. Morning sickness does something to a person. And when I was pregnant with The Tiny Human, MS made me long for some sort of drama in my life.

All excuses aside… I have been watching The Bachelor ever since.


Need I say more? (But I will.) What the heck was Sean thinking? Did it really take his sister’s advice to shake some sense into the kid? Can the boy not connect the dots or paint the numbers?

So the whole situation got me thinking. Although there are a lot of Girl Tierras out there (full of drama), there are also some Guy Tierras out there.

Sometimes, though, we’re so in love with the idea of love that we run all the stop signs and accelerate through all the red lights.

So here are some common stop signs friends have told me they ignored (and crashed into) in the name of Love:

1) The problem is never with “Tierra”. This person can’t see cause and effect. Not everyone is going to like your guy, but the fact that he cannot get along with anyone is a problem.

2) He’s not interested in anyone but you. This is similar to number one, and may feel flattering in the beginning. He just wants to spend time with you and you alone. But when he makes no effort to know the people you care about (especially your family), what makes you think that will change after he slips a ring on your finger?

3) It’s all about him. His wants, his dreams–this is especially attractive to the mothering type of girl because she feels needed. But trust me–you want to make babies with the one you love, not raise those babies and the Other Baby. (And if he hasn’t grown up yet… yeah. Not gonna happen.)

So tell me I’m not alone here. Who else has been watching The Bachelor? And what have you learned?


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