Just Imagine

Ethan_ZoeyPeople say when you have a child, you rediscover your imagination. A whole new world opens up; it’s like experiencing life for the first time.

My imagination is great these days:

I imagine my house is clean. I imagine the last ten lbs. of baby weight’s dropped off. I imagine there’s silence in the grocery store. And most importantly… I imagine there is no Diaper Genie, and it isn’t leaking toxic fluids.

The only problem is, something eventually brings me back from Never Never Land. I trip on the Lego set. I spot myself in a three-way
mirror. I dodge dirty looks in the grocery store. The Diaper Genie won’t grant me three wishes.

It’s been great, this imagining gig. But I’m pretty sure it’s time to grow up.

I’ll get right on that. Directly after Christmas…. after the elves do all the baking… the mice do all the cleaning… and Santa does all the shopping.

What do I want for Christmas? Oh Santa–I just want to be a kid again.


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