The post in which I confess I have it all together.

I came into our bedroom the other day to find the Tiny Human in her over-sized purple pants (a.k.a. Mommy Hasn’t Done Laundry Outfit) rubbing her daddy’s face and squealing.

Apparently she’s not used to him shaving it.

I joke when I say we’ve all been putting off our basic hygienic needs while this writer-mom recovered from whatever-the-crud-is-that-made-her-white-cells-breed-like-bunnies. But I am feeling much better and more caffeinated and like I can take on the world. Or at least the last few pages of the rough draft of The Bare Naked Truth About Waiting.

Then it’s off to the nerve-wracking phase of letting my fabulous editing team tear it to pieces before reaching the very capable hands of my editor at Zondervan.

In the meantime, this kid finds ways to entertain herself. No, I didn’t do this to her.  I think she was bored.

And no, the outfit is not a result of more laundry issues. Or maybe it is. I’m storing this photo as my desktop background… just in case I’m ever tempted to believe I have it all together.


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