A Whole New Ballgame

Ya’ll – I’m not gonna lie. This whole being a parent thing is a whole new ball game.

It seems like every time I turn around, the MunchyKin is into something new.
And then she gives me this look:

Actually, she gives her daddy this look, which is reserved for him, because he is her 3 a.m. Buddy. He’s her favorite.
Which brings me to my Bare Naked Truth of the day: Marry the right person.
Seriously. This dude is the only reason I’ve made it through the last few congested, waking-every-45-minutes nights.

{We split the night so that we can both get at least three or four hours of consecutive sleep.}
He’s my hero.
You know he loves the girl when he’s been up since 3, and he still looks at me in the morning and goes, “She melts me.”

5 thoughts on “A Whole New Ballgame

  1. I can tell just from the photos that she is one seriously loved little girl! I hope Zoey's starting to feel better and you three catch back up on your much needed sleep.Sending hugs and Kleenexes your way!

  2. Thanks Debra! I'm crossing my fingers, but she seems to be doing better today. Thankfully her first illness seems to be pretty mild : )

  3. Oh, she's such a darling! I do not miss those up-all-nights. There's something so delicious about a full night's sleep! But I do miss the snuggliness. At least my mini-dachshund loves to cuddle. 🙂

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