The Bare Naked Truth About My Book!

People have been asking me how I have the energy to write with a newborn.
Here’s what life around our house looks like lately:

48 hours after Zoey was born, I got the news that Zondervan bought my book (I’ve lived under the guise of secrecy until I actually signed the contract this week).
I always pictured myself dancing around the living room when I found out about my first contract, but instead I casually announced (with eyes half open), “Babe, it looks like Zondervan’s buying my book.”
Don’t judge. I’d just pushed 7 pounds out of my butt. I was a little too tired to demonstrate my true depth of emotion.
I’d been waiting ten years for this. There were several times I almost gave up on publishing a book.
The first time was when I was turned down by my agency (Books & Such) on my birthday. Happy day to me!
Two years later I got an acceptance from Wendy Lawton, at… (drum roll please)… Books & Such.
The second time I almost gave up was when Zondervan turned down my project.
Two years later I got an acceptance from… (drum roll please)… Zondervan.
(I admit… that one was a little embarrassing. It involved laying face down on the floor and loathing the day God ever invented books.)
So it’s been a journey. And it’s still a journey. And I hope that you’ll join me on it. And I hope my parents can forgive me for selling a book with the word “Naked” in the title. {More on that soon…}


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